Catching Up Again

I’ve been rather poor about posting to the blog lately.  No real excuse except I’ve been doing other stuff.

I’ve been slowly recovering after my chemotherapy and things are going fairly well.  I still am rather weak and tire out easily but gradually I’m getting back to normal. My hair is starting to grow back – I actually have a visible beard again.  I still don’t know what I’m going to do with my hair.  So many people have commented that they like me bald, so I may continue that look.  Depends on how much of a hassle it is to maintain.

I also had cataract surgery May 15 on my left eye and my vision is already significantly better.  I’ll have the right eye done on June 4 and after that I should have better eyesight than I have for many years.

With better vision I hope I will be posting more here.   Stay tuned.

2 comments on “Catching Up Again

  1. I vote for the bald look and volunteer to help you maintain it! And what a delight it is to see you actually being able to read a book without the magnifier glass…imagine what your sight will be like once the right eye is done…Superman emerges!

  2. Oh Tom! What a great offer of upkeep from a pretty loving lady! Wowzers pal!

    So nice to read these happy health posts. Thanks!

    And Jan? You add a bit of wonderful local color with your comments too. Yes, I am anxious for Tom to have the second eye done knowing it will be something to celebrate for sure!

    Keep on truckin’ both of you!!!!