5 comments on “Ringing The Bell

  1. Wish we would of gotten a picture of what the plague on the bell said so you could of repeated it on this post. Anyhow, you are right…the staff at Iowa Blood and Cancer were fantastic…always smiling, always joking, always full of cheer.

  2. What a GREAT post, and what wonderful t-shirts, er, I mean *pictures!* (snickers)

    All kidding aside, that’s a privileged and wonderful peek into your chemo visitation and thanks so much for sharing it!

  3. Hey Dad, great photos! Your new ‘do looks great.

    Where’d you get the “Nobody Reads My Blog” shirt? I should get one of those for Greta.

  4. Some of us read your blog. Always interested to see what shows up next. I’ll give you a call when I get home and we’ll find someplace for a shared meal.
    Best wishes,

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