2 comments on “Dayton Hamvention 2012

  1. Wow, I loved the photos and the comments. GREAT pictures Tom and I must say you look very comfy in that scooter thing! Aren’t they awesome!?

    So now you see what I deal with in terms of running over people and/or feeling somehow sub-human at times. Still, for me it’s that or nothing and I love the mobility.

    You should have rented one for Jan too, just so you didn’t exhaust her trotting along to keep-up!

  2. Jan and I found out that I needed to slow down when she was walking along with me. I’m not sure if she would have liked the scooter though.

    Yes, it was an eye-opening experience to be the one driving the scooter. The problem at Dayton was that a lot of the people there have never (or seldom) used a scooter so they make it into an amusement park ride.

    I really enjoyed the Hamvention but I’ll do somethings different next time I go – like bring some kind of a wheeled, folding carrier/cart in case I buy something big I can’t carry easily on the scooter.

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