3 comments on “American Queen Riverboat Cruise – June/July 2012

  1. Thank you for telling about your trip in such detail! Your dinner group sounds nice and a good introduction to people on-board – on the only cruise Allan and I have (yet) taken, they grouped us by nationality, so we were alone for a couple days until a half-table of Brits found us and invited us to join them.

    Have fun with your cables today, and we will talk next week!

    Oh yeah, I have a new-ish blog myself (linked above). I wasn’t going to publicize it until I was updating regularly (which you will notice I’m not), but without any readers there is little inspiration to either …

  2. Of all things…. Tom, we’ve bumped into each other from time to time on SFFNet. I read Esther Friesner’s topic, saw your post there, and came over to look at this. The thing is, I have a folder on my hard drive for information about this cruise company and this boat — my mother’s 75th birthday is coming up in early 2014 and we’re researching cruises to celebrate. 🙂 Thank you *so* much for a wonderful bit of input. I just forwarded a link to this page to Mom, who will doubtless be over to read it sometime in the next couple of months when she next logs on and finds the email. 😉

  3. Great to see you here Ariel. Be sure to give your Mom the permalink. As you probably know the top post will change as I add new content.

    Not knowing your Mom, I can only guess, but I expect she would really love this Riverboat. Especially with a family group.

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