About This Blog

When I first moved to the country the road our house is on didn’t even have a name. It was a gravel road that turned into a dirt track just past our driveway. There are a lot of these roads in rural areas, roads meant only to provide field access for a farmer’s tractor. It’s still that way, though with the coming of 911 service ,the road now has a name. In the banner picture you can see the warning signs in front of our place.

We see a lot of vehicles that come down the road until they notice these signs, then they turn around in our driveway and head back the way they came. Once in a while someone will continue on and, if the weather has been wet or snowy, they end up about 1/4 mile from the signs, deep in mud or snow drifts. Some want to plow through the mud and see if their 4WD vehicle is up to the challenge. Others can’t believe that ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK meant exactly that. (For those, I want to put a sign on the back, that says WELCOME BACK STUPID!) Of course they allRock Ends passed this sign half a mile back. A sign that says: ROCK ENDS. Some hadn’t any idea what it meant, some ignored it and some said ‘Oh Boy!’

So this blog is (in part) about various reactions to encountering ROCK ENDS in life. I’ll talk about those who haven’t a clue, those who turn around and back-track, those who don’t believe, and those who consider it an adventure. Of course that isn’t everything I’ll discuss. I have various interests and will, over time, have something to say about all of them.