Streaming Video from the Dayton Hamvention.

БогородицаI don’t usually make posts like this but I will make an exception for things I think are cool, fun and useful.

If you are a ham radio operator then you almost certainly know about the Dayton Hamvention.  This is one of the largest gatherings of radio amateurs in the US and occurs each May.  Even if you can’t attend in person, you can join in some of the fun by connecting to the video stream provided every year by Tom Medlin, W5KUB.

Each year Tom goes to considerable expense to provide this service and I would like to urge anyone who can, to make a small donation to help out with his expenses.  Go to his web site for details.

Also, I want to emphasize that I have no connection to Tom other than enjoying the streaming video that he provides.  As always, posts on this blog are completely non-commercial and not meant to generate any revenue for me in any way.

One comment on “Streaming Video from the Dayton Hamvention.

  1. Since I have come into your room many times wiith Tom on your screen and you listening quite intently, I have to applaud his broadcast and certainly hope you have given him a good donation. Because it was not possible for you to go to Dayton this past May, it was great that Tom could bring it to you.