Along The Inside Passage

Our journey on the M/V Columbia took us from Bellingham, Washington to Juneau, Alaska with stops in Alaska at Ketchikan, Wrangell and Petersburg. Here are some of the many pictures we took along that route.

Note: As I don’t have PhotoShop on this laptop, what you see is not as high in quality as I would like. One of the negatives of near real-time bloging.

The first morning on the ferry turned out rainy, cool and very dark looking. Here is a view of one boat deck that AM


For the first part of the trip we were in Canadian waters. Here is a picture of part of the village of Bella Bella, BC.Bella Bella

Just north of Bella Bella is the picturesque Dryad Point Lightstation. Dryad Point Lightstation

The weather cleared up a little and we were able to enjoy some of the scenery from the open deck. Here is Jan enjoying the view from the stern of the ship. Jan

Our first stop, about 36 hours out from Bellingham was Ketchikan, the 4th largest city in Alaska. It occupies a long, narrow strip of relatively flat land between the Inside Passage and the mountains to the east. Ketchikan

The Ketichikan airport is located across the passage from the ferry terminal. While we there seaplanes were constantly taking off and landing. It was hard to understand how they avoided all the other boat traffic. Sea Plane

There seemed to be eagles everywhere and I was lucky enough to get a good picture of one in flight at Ketchican. Eagle

Inside the ship we enjoyed the rather 70’s style decor in the bar, complete with celebrity photos and even an “Elvis on Velvet.”Bar

Another favorite spot was the observation lounge, just forward of the bar. This picture was taken from inside the bar through the dark tinted windows which were almost like one-way mirrors. Some people would find seats in the observation lounge each morning and stay there for almost the entire day.Observation lounge

I’m writing this from Juneau where we arrived at 4:30AM this morning. We are staying over until tomorrow afternoon when we board another ferry that will take us to Whittier, Alaska. From there we take a scenic cruise on Prince William Sound then go by train to Anchorage. I’ll have more to blog about at the end of the train trip.

2 comments on “Along The Inside Passage

  1. Wonderful stuff Tom & Jan. The pictures are wonderful and I especially enjoyed your Eagle and the seaplane (which looks to me like the famous de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver).

    Too bad your Photoshop license (probably) won’t let you install a copy on your laptop. That’d be the most likely reason you don’t have the program with you.

    I’m told the free and open source graphics program GIMP works well and is fairly full-featured.

    All that aside, your pictures look great and don’t need tweaking to impart a feeling I’m along for the ride.

  2. As Mike said, you made me almost feel like I was along for the ride. Some of the pictures reminded me of going through the San Juan Islands, when I went to Orcas Island and Victoria, BC.
    Thanks for sharing.