5 comments on “Juneau to Anchorage

  1. Thanks for taking me along on the tour. 🙂 I loved all the pictures and am still grinning because it feels almost like I was there. The picture of the mountain goat is great. Also the whale and the otters and seals. Everything looked lovely.

  2. Alice, I’m glad you are enjoying my little travel documentary. I would recommend that everyone who enjoys nature go to Alaska, just to see what things were like before too many people moved in. My small blog posts can’t do it justice. Maybe I will put together a more detailed description on my main web page when we get home.

  3. What Alice says. You and Jan are doing a grand job documenting this trip and that Nikon is doing a wonderful job recording what you see.

    A couple more shots of you and Jan in your Alaska duds would be nice too. 😉

  4. Okay Mike, we will try to get some pix of the two of us while up here. Jan just got a new ALASKA sweat shirt and maybe we will get a picture up on the blog of that soon. Me, I’m just in my regular travel clothes – nothing special for Alaska. Jan wouldn’t let me get the foam rubber moose hat…..

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