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  1. I know all those delays won’t dampen your spirits but have to admit what you describe here sux big time.

    I guess flying isn’t what we older ones remember it being. I remember the days you were treated like a king (even in coach). From what I read today you’re treated more like suspected terrorist cattle, just damn lucky they’ll even let you board.

  2. All the delays are a bummer.
    Mike, you are correct. I just flew to Michigan to see my mom and just to get on you have to take shoes, belt (if you are wearing one) ear rings may also set it off. I had my digital camera as well as a film camera and asked about them. They did what they called a hand check on the film because it was 800 speed. it’s not the same as it used to be. BUT the lady did say I had the most unique socks. LOL

  3. That’s funny, Alice. Must have been Clarabel socks.

    Tom, I heard on NPR this morning there was a big computer crash in ATC at Atlanta which pretty much botched up all the airline schedules—especially on the East Coast.

  4. Things have gotten better since we left Bellingham on the ferry. Though not speedy, it’s a more civilized way to travel. I’ll have a post up soon on that part of the trip.

  5. Actually, we did not encounter any problems with Northwest…we were in first class and they treated us quite well from getting us on an earlier flight in Cedar Rapids because of a delay with our scheduled flight to asking us what we wanted to drink when we boarded in Minneapolis. It was when we got to Seattle for our flight with Horizon Air that the problem occurred….from 1:30 PM to when we took off after 7:00 PM, there were EIGHT different departure times posted plus the agent told us it was not mechanical. However, when it the plane landed, maintenance went on board and it became mechanical. Seemed like every Horizon Air flight had it problems…delays all over the place It was the first and, let me assure everyone, the last time we will travel that airlines!!

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