North to Alaska

In a few days Jan and I will be heading off to Alaska for an extended trip. We’ve been planning this for a long while and we’re really psyched about it. The bags are nearly all packed and all the arrangements are set (I think). As long as the airlines cooperate we are good to go.

Click to enlargeHere’s a map of our trip, not counting the air travel to and from. I hope that we will have Internet access at many of the stops and I will be able to blog in (almost) real-time and with photos too.

This is a short list of some of what we will be doing. We fly to Bellingham WA and catch a ferry which takes us to Juneau. We spend a couple of days there, then another ferry to Whittier where we take a cruise on Prince William Sound. From Whittier it’s a train ride to Anchorage where we stay another couple of days and pick up a rental car. Next it’s off to Copper Center and on to Fairbanks. From Fairbanks we fly up to Prudhoe Bay, north of the Arctic Circle. Then back to Fairbanks by bus. From there it’s on to Denali National Park with a white-water raft trip plus a bus tour of the Kantishna Wilderness.

More adventures include a Jet Boat ride at Talkeetna. Then on to Seward and a cruise through the Kanai Fjords and on to Homer. After Homer it’s back to Anchorage for our return flight. Twenty four days all together – can you say BUSY ?

3 comments on “North to Alaska

  1. I’m really getting excited about this…especially since we now have gotten the person who looks over the house, pond, garden, and Itty while we are gone briefed. But do you think, after 24 days of NO cooking, that I will remember how??? Just remember: I made the arrangements so, if anything goes wrong, it is only logical that it is your fault!

  2. The whole trip looks and sounds wonderful! I have always wanted to go to Alaska. Waiting to hear all about it!

  3. This sounds great Tom & Jan! I’ll admit it’s way more than I could tackle, but I celebrate both your willingness and your ability to make such a trip.

    I look forward to reading details, and seeing some great pictures with that new Nikon camera.