5 comments on “My Favorite Windows Software

  1. Great (and very useful) little post, Tom. Thank you! It was very thoughtful of you to include links to most programs, and I like how you configured those links to launch in another tab.

    Some of those are Windows only, but where a Linux version isn’t available as in the case of Irfan View, there’s something similar available for Ubuntu 10.10.

    Again thanks for the insight into your efficient way of doing things and the interesting commentary on each application.

  2. Correction to the above: The opening line should have read “Great (and very useful) little post… etc.. *wince*

  3. I have found this site a good source of freeware information too.
    http://www.techsupportalert.com/ The author goes by the name Gizmo Richards. Yours is a good list. A program that I use on my windoz machines is Secunia. It checks to see if there are newer versions of any software on your machine and helps you update it if needed.

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