2 comments on “New Truck

  1. Ooooooo! What a nice post, well written and informative!

    I guess the gentrification will please you overall just as soon as you figure out how to mount your radios.

    I went online and did the whole 9-yard 360° tour or your new steed both inside and out. I could almost smell it.

    With no more driver’s license and only a couple showroom-new vehicles in my past, looking at those pictures sure made me homesick for both driving, and something new to drive.

    Congratulations, Tom! Enjoy your new ride!

  2. Thanks Mike. I just wish that the manufacturers didn’t have to keep adding stuff to a design that was just fine to begin with.

    I’m getting used to the new truck but still wish the would offer a “Have it your way” option. Of course they cant have a thousand variations but still, I wish there was a little more leeway for the buyer.

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