5 comments on “Bald Eagle

  1. This has been interesting….I have not seen the eagle(s) on my way to exercise but always on the way back. The first two days of spotting, the eagle was in the same place/tree and…naturally, I forgot to take the camera you were willing to loan me. Last Friday, there were no eagles on my way home which is good because, AGAIN, I forgot the camera. But today, when I remembered to take the camera, I spotted this beautiful eagle on the opposite side of the road from previous spottings…it looked like it was just waiting for me to take some pictures. Too bad the camera’s battery became low because I was just in the act of taking one of the eagle looking directly at me when the camera died. Oh well!!

  2. Wow! That’s incredible! I’m not sure if I have ever sean an eagle in the wild before. And a bald eagle at that!

    Nice picture. You’ll have to keep bringing the camera – maybe s/he’ll pose for you again!

  3. Great Shot Jan!!! Doesn’t it make you feel like you are affiliated with the Post Office 🙂

    That one is definitely a keeper!

  4. Yep, I am going to take the camera tomorrow because I thought I saw a nest with an eagle resting in it beyond this eagle but maybe not. Anyhow…yes, Leo, affiliations with the post office has come to mind but there has been no offer….

  5. WOW what a picture. That is one of those pictures that you have to be at the right place at the right time!

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