Feeding Frenzy

Yesterday we got around 5″ of snow – the first significant amount for this winter. As a result many birds are unable to find food in the surrounding fields. This brings them flocking to our feeders. In the following picture I count over 50 birds, mostly Sparrows and Juncos, at the feeder or gleaning what the others scattered out.
Feeding 1

In the second picture they are lined up at the feeder like a bunch of drunks at the bar on Saturday night. There is lots of pushing, pecking and jostling for position among the small birds but when the Blue Jays or Woodpeckers show up, the little ones back off and wait their turn.

Feeding 2

We are half way through our second, 130 lb, load of bird seed. At this rate we will probably use over 500 lbs for the season, possibly more depending on snow cover and temperatures.

4 comments on “Feeding Frenzy

  1. WOW…your camera even captured the birds flying…good work! As for our using 500 lbs. of bird seed this season, all I can say is ‘thank heavens for your social security increase’!

  2. I hear you on the Social Security Increase Jan. Makes it so much better for all of us 😉

    Brenda and I just love to watch the birds year around and all of the species that we get here. Those photos are incredibly good!

  3. I love the photos. I just love watching the birds. I used to live in Michigan and love it when the robins come down here reminds me of Michigan.