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  1. Very impressive certificate, Tom! Yowzers! Also didn’t realize you’ve had that call as long as you have.

    What was your first call? Mine was KN8JOK. Never dropped the “N” because we moved to Florida where I took the General and was issued K4YVM (my current call, reclaimed).

    I had dropped K4YVM when I moved to Texas at a time it was required to change to your new district if your permanent address changed. Unfortunately, the FCC coughed up WB5SQV for me because they had run out of 1x3s.

    There was an option to have a 1×3 reissue if you ever held one, and that’s how I ended-up W5VKC, a call I kept for many years. I made the change back to K4YVM in March of 2005 while fairly active.

    I’m still waiting for the FCC to grandfather us Advanced Class blokes to Extra, what with the deemphasis on code, hoping it comes about in my lifetime.

    Enjoyed reading this post. Thanks. Lots of work went into it.

  2. Yes Mike, I’ve had that call since 1986. My original call was KN8JWV but at that time I couldn’t get my code speed up to pass the General. I let the ticket lapse due to college, work etc.

    Got re-interested in 1985 because of some friends at work and started practicing code and studying. I went to Des Moines in the summer of 1986 for the last FCC administered exam at the office there. Took all the tests in one day. (Well, they waived the Novice exam after I passed the 20WPM code test.) Went from unlicensed to Extra in one day but had to wait for the paperwork to go through.

    Glad you enjoyed the post. I hope the FCC will grandfather the Advanced to Extra. I felt the Advanced exam was tougher than the Extra by quite a bit. Now with no-code, there is no reason not to up the privileges.

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