4 comments on “Agadir (part 2)

  1. The souk was not impressive to me…I did not like seeing the flies over the food, the dirt pathways, or the merchants grabbing you at every opportunity in order to convince you to bargain for their merchandise. With all the crowds, all I can say is I’m glad I don’t have to go to this market every week. You didn’t mention that a person can spend up to 3 hours bargaining for one or two articles of merchandise!

  2. Have to comment on that souk thing. The store with the open bags of whatever looked like it catered to the upper-crust. I understand your not liking flies on your food, Jan.

    Mexico (my only long trip outside the US & Canada), also works on the street and in shops on the haggling system. I did not engage in the game of “let’s see how far I can ‘Jew’ them down.”

    Instead, I put a price in my mind of what I was willing to *pay* to get whatever it was. If lower than the asking price it was my first and final offer. Surprising how well that works.

  3. Mike; because of the festival/holiday approaching a lot of people were buying various spices. That shop in the picture had a container of saffron which would would be wortht a small fortune in the US. I didn’t ask about the local price.

  4. I have to admit, that shop was just beautiful! Here in North America, a shop like that (indoors, or course) would be gangbusters in a populated place like NYC, LA, Chicago, or probably even Miami.

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