6 comments on “Agadir (part 1)

  1. I’m still disappointed that I was not able to ride the camel but patting one was better than nothing!

  2. I wish you had a photo of the sheep on the motorbike!

    As far as the trash thing, maybe it’s cultural. When you get out of the overly cleaned-up tourist areas in Egypt, there is a lot of trash around too, especially in the canals. Assuming one can say Egypt and Morocco have similar culture, of course…

  3. I could be wrong, but while working in the Mexican tourist town of Guaymus some years back, trash was everywhere. Someone told me there was no Spanish word for “pollution” at the time. Maybe no word for “recycling” either.

    Sorry you missed the camel ride Jan, but I think you were both wise to pass on the 3-hour version.

    You, Tom have split the posts, so I guess it’s alright if I combine the comments. Again, good pictures and story.

    As for the 15′ seas, I *do* get seasick so would have been one very miserable passenger that day, saying “Stop the boat! I wanna get off!”

  4. But Mike, you were in the Navy and still get sea sick? 😉

    Allan – I’m sorry we missed the sheep on the motorbike but didn’t have a camera we could get to in time. It would have made quite a picture.

  5. Yes, Tom I was in the Navy but spent all my time on shore duty at various places in need of a Radioman more than aboard ship. My job ashore was to decrypt the Morse Code sent by the scout planes and ships.

    Oh, and to play with the teletype machines when I got bored and there was little else to do. *laughs

    Guess I can tell that now…

  6. Trash is definitely a thing in all the 3rd world, to varying degrees.

    Hey, Mike, I’ve been to Guaymas. Don’t remember particularly large amounts of trash, but maybe I’m used to Mexico. Mexico though is definitely cleaner than Guatemala.

    My theory is that the more recently a people have been introduced to the disposable crap that industrial civlization produces, the worse the trash problem is. This is because traditional peoples are used to only dealing with biodegradable or reusable stuff. So they mostly just keep re-using containers and stuff (like jars, bowls) or they are throwing stuff wherever they want but it is relvatively harmless. Then suddenly there’s plastic wrap around everything, styrofoam cups, etc, they still throw it anywhere, but it doesn’t decompose and go away, ever.

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