New Printer on the Block

After going for a while without a laser printer, I finally broke down and bought an HP-LaserJet 1320. It has almost all of the features of the old HP4P with around four times the speed and built-in double-sided printing.


It has nearly the same footprint as the the old 4P but is approximately twice as tall. It seems quite a bit quieter though, obviously, I can’t compare them directly.

For the last day or so, I have been testing out many of the features of this new toy. I like the ability to print manuals (including its own) in “booklet” mode. This allows a 172 page manual to be printed on 43 letter sized sheets in proper order for binding. Now I’m learning how to bind these manuals (more on that in another post).

It will be interesting in the long run to see if this printer has anywhere near the reliability as the old one. On an interesting note, this one cost less that 40% of what the old one cost 13 years ago.

Technology marches on.

2 comments on “New Printer on the Block

  1. From my point of view, going 8 days without a laser printer does not add up to “going for a while without a laser printer” but I’m not the tech geek of this household so my tolerance level of going without would definitely be longer than yours. And the high speed/double side printing on this new toy is VERY impressive!

  2. Nice comment Jan 😉 To me, 8 days would also be forever.

    Double sided printing would be very useful to me too! I’m thinking that you’ll really enjoy the new HP. I’ve had my HP Laserjet for about 4 years now and love the speed and quiet operation.