Well, it’s all over except the Monday morning quarterbacking and the whining of the losers. I hope both political parties have learned something; namely that American voters aren’t as dumb as politicians believe they are. Back in 1994 the Democrats were arrogant and cocksure and got booted out. Now in 2006 the same arrogance and cocksureness has had the identical effect on the GOP.

I must admit, I had been despairing that the electorate would ever wake up. Now they (apparently) have. Next we must find out if it is too late to undo the damage of the last 12 years. We have lots of problems to fix. Some are health care, human rights, restoring the Constitution, extending economic prosperity to all (not just the rich), and reversing the erosion of our educational system.

But, after yesterday, I think I can go back to being a tentative optimist again. Thank you America for standing up for yourself. Let’s make a habit of it.

One comment on “Election

  1. We will see if the problems do get fixed. You are being optimist…not sure I am there. With all the direction of the elections, you would think that BOTH parties understand the American people do not care about the political parties bickering but what happens to them and their community…health care, minimum wage, security, education, etc. And, yes, the war in Iraq did have an effect in the election…more from the standpoint of people asking why we continue to be in a country that we have not a clue what their culture or needs are.