For the past month(s) we’ve all been bombarded with political propaganda. Phone calls, door-to-door canvassers, ads on TV, radio and in the papers; all shouting at us. If you are like me you were sick and tired of it weeks ago. No one I know bases their voting on political ads. The only effect on me is annoyance. Still, having lived through this onslaught, relief is near. Only one thing left to do. VOTE!

If you don’t vote then all your wasted time, energy, and perseverance were for nothing. Also, remember, you can’t complain if you don’t vote. So go out and reserve your right to bitch about the government. If you haven’t already, cast your ballot ASAP.

2 comments on “Vote!

  1. We are on our way out the door! It seems there has been plenty to B—- about, so we better, as you say, “reserve our right”. The relief from political advertising will be something to celebrate!

  2. The end is near and let’s hope that the message of the American people wanting change will be the outcome of this election. So far, it sounds like the voter turnout has been heavy; of course, I also heard that there were many people who voted absentee and their votes will not be counted until later this week so final results may not been known until then…if it is a close race.