New Camera

After coveting the Nikon D80 digital SLR since it was announced I finally took the plunge. Actually it was as much Jan’s decision as mine. I got the ‘kit’ with an 18-135mm zoom lens. It seems to be great for both wide angle and telephoto and focuses as close as 18 inches at all zoom levels. No image stabilization on this lens but the higher ISO of the camera makes up for that somewhat.

I’ve only spent one day playing with it, reading the manual and taking some test/practice shots but I already am in love with it. The camera has so many options and modes and I have only just begun to explore all its features. Right now I’m sticking to the automatic mode but will try some of the other options as I get acquainted with them.

Here a a few shots to give you an idea of how it works.

Last Rose
The last rose after a recent frost.

Horses at the neighbors (~400-500 ft away)

Mums with visiting bee

As I learn more I’ll post additional photos but I wanted to show a little of what this great camera can do, even in the hands of someone not familiar with it.

5 comments on “New Camera

  1. As you become more acquainted with it, I am sure you will not regret spending the money on this camera. So far, the majority of the pictures you have taken have super clear images and wonderful detail. I can’t believe how you can zoom in and pick up the smallest detail.

  2. Yeah, it looks like you are doing OK for the first couple days. I am jealous of your bee in the flower – I have a lot of trouble with those shots!

    Your web images are a bit artifacty, though. Are you shooting JPEG in the camera or RAW (NEF)? How much do you crank up the compression when you save them for the web?

    I can’t wait to see more – especially the fall colors in Iowa. Should be magnificent.

  3. Yeah, I’m putting a lot of compression on the web images. Maybe I should back off on that a little. I’m shooting in JPEG for the moment until I find a decent RAW converter or upgrade my version of PhotoShop.

    The Iowa fall colors this year are nearly gone already. They started early and were rather spotty – at least around here. I have a couple of shots I’ll post later.

  4. Beautiful Shots Tom! I am really envious of that Camera! Although with my natural tremors, I may be better off with image stabilization.

    Be looking forward to more!

  5. Thanks Leo. I will be posting more shots as I learn to use this new gadget a little better. Right now it is still a little confusing but I’m making progress.