5 comments on “New Camera

  1. As you become more acquainted with it, I am sure you will not regret spending the money on this camera. So far, the majority of the pictures you have taken have super clear images and wonderful detail. I can’t believe how you can zoom in and pick up the smallest detail.

  2. Yeah, it looks like you are doing OK for the first couple days. I am jealous of your bee in the flower – I have a lot of trouble with those shots!

    Your web images are a bit artifacty, though. Are you shooting JPEG in the camera or RAW (NEF)? How much do you crank up the compression when you save them for the web?

    I can’t wait to see more – especially the fall colors in Iowa. Should be magnificent.

  3. Yeah, I’m putting a lot of compression on the web images. Maybe I should back off on that a little. I’m shooting in JPEG for the moment until I find a decent RAW converter or upgrade my version of PhotoShop.

    The Iowa fall colors this year are nearly gone already. They started early and were rather spotty – at least around here. I have a couple of shots I’ll post later.

  4. Beautiful Shots Tom! I am really envious of that Camera! Although with my natural tremors, I may be better off with image stabilization.

    Be looking forward to more!

  5. Thanks Leo. I will be posting more shots as I learn to use this new gadget a little better. Right now it is still a little confusing but I’m making progress.

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