Tucson – Part 1

Last week Jan and I flew to Arizona to visit my son, Steev and his fiancee in Tucson. While we were there we did a lot of things so I will be posting about it in several parts.

Steev and GretaOn our first full day we went to hike in Sabino and Bear canyons In the Santa Catalina mountains which were conveniently located N.E. of Tucson. We got there fairly early but it was already getting hot by the time we were on the trail. Here is Steev and Greta as we started out.

The terrain is fairly rugged, dominated by cactus and other desert flora. Since it was just after the annual monsoon, the plants were quite green and many were in bloom.

There was also quite a bit of wildlife around, mostly birds and lizards such as this little guy who posed very patiently for us.

SaguaroHere is a shot of the ubiquitous Saguaro Cactus. Some of them are huge – I’d guess 30 feet tall or more.

Sabino CreekNot all of the canyon is sand and cactus. We came across this idyllic spot along Sabino Creek.

Next part – Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

4 comments on “Tucson – Part 1

  1. And the spot along the creek was most welcome! A good place to cool the feet and face off. Considering how far we walked, us old folks didn’t do too bad…did we????

  2. Great first post on the adventure, and wonderful pictures! I regret only that clicking didn’t link to the Large Economy Size version!

    Great narrative, as always!

  3. My bad Mike. When I processed the pictures I decided to put them inline, and resized them to 440 x 330. Then I changed my mind to use thumbnails. Next part I’ll make them larger.

  4. That is beautiful countryside out there Tom. I came close to a move to Tuscon a few years back. Looked at homes and the whole routine. I had wondered how nice it would be to take a four wheeler out into the lands.