This has been a day for changes here. First, after dithering for a while, I finally had our DSL service upgraded. I was an early adopter of DSL from our local phone company and have been running that 384Kb SDSL connection ever since. Recently the ISP made 1.5Mb ADSL service available though initially they would not allow upgrades.  Now they have opened that up and I called today to make the change. It took only 5 hours from phone call to working upgrade. I love our local phone cooperative!

The second change is an experiment with not requiring registration for comments. I’ll still moderate the first comment and do other anti-spam things. If the blog gets too much spam then I’ll go back to requiring registration. I hope this will encourage some friends and family ,who haven’t done so previously, to post comments.

2 comments on “Changes

  1. I’m posting a comment…keep on putting things on your blog. And the changes that happened today are good! Love you, my best friend.

  2. I’m commenting too! I love reading your new stuff!

    I check several times a day with my Feedreader, Tom.

    And how nice to be loved by such a sweet lady! 🙂