How Cold Was It?

ColdIt is cold (again) here in Iowa. Minus 16°F this morning with wind chill of -30°F. Can you say Brrrrr? I bet you can.

There was an item on the local TV last night that said of 108 school districts reporting to the Dept of Education this week, none have had one full week of classes in nearly 2.5 months without an early dismissal, late start or days missed.

This is turning into one of the worst winters for cabin fever in my memory. Not only is it cold but we still have ice left from a storm in early December. Forecast is for more snow tomorrow and freezing rain Sunday night.

Believe me, when warm weather finally gets here I’ll be dancing naked in the back yard.

9 comments on “How Cold Was It?

  1. The truck was just getting warmed up when I pulled into the Curves lot in Vinton this morning; someone told me that I should of let it warm up AT LEAST 30 minutes instead of 5 minutes like I did. Hmm…cabin fever??? Maybe we need to take a trip south!!!

  2. As I type this, Tampa is overcast but the temperature is 66° with a promise of a chilly 49° overnight.

    Not exactly run nakie in the back yard weather, but there’ll be nothing to shovel and when the sun breaks through it’ll heat the inside of a parked car to the point of needing a/c.

    Maybe you and Jan might enjoy having a little winter home in the Sunshine State.

  3. That is cold. This morning when I woke up it was 46 here in Sarasota, FL. It did warm up but now it is 11:43 pm and down to 62 already. So like Mike said, not really warm enough for NO CLOTHES!

  4. I will be ready, with camera in hand, to watch you dance naked in the back yard. Heck, it will be worth taking a picture of you dancing…with or without clothing!

  5. Has the warmth threashold been met yet? Hopefully a flash was/will be required for that picture Jan (just to keep the neighbors in the dark so to speak). Inquiring minds want to know.

  6. I think we are a ways off the warmth threshold. Still waiting for the ground to thaw so we can get the pond working again.