9 comments on “How Cold Was It?

  1. The truck was just getting warmed up when I pulled into the Curves lot in Vinton this morning; someone told me that I should of let it warm up AT LEAST 30 minutes instead of 5 minutes like I did. Hmm…cabin fever??? Maybe we need to take a trip south!!!

  2. As I type this, Tampa is overcast but the temperature is 66° with a promise of a chilly 49° overnight.

    Not exactly run nakie in the back yard weather, but there’ll be nothing to shovel and when the sun breaks through it’ll heat the inside of a parked car to the point of needing a/c.

    Maybe you and Jan might enjoy having a little winter home in the Sunshine State.

  3. That is cold. This morning when I woke up it was 46 here in Sarasota, FL. It did warm up but now it is 11:43 pm and down to 62 already. So like Mike said, not really warm enough for NO CLOTHES!

  4. Alice, I’ll gladly trade our -16 for your +46. Heck, I’ll even throw in some 30mph winds just ’cause I’m so generous!

  5. I will be ready, with camera in hand, to watch you dance naked in the back yard. Heck, it will be worth taking a picture of you dancing…with or without clothing!

  6. Has the warmth threashold been met yet? Hopefully a flash was/will be required for that picture Jan (just to keep the neighbors in the dark so to speak). Inquiring minds want to know.

  7. I think we are a ways off the warmth threshold. Still waiting for the ground to thaw so we can get the pond working again.

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