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  1. Hon, I know how long you spent putting the pictures/description on your static web site and you should know that your pictures look fantastic plus your description of each event in such detail that the reader will think they have been on the cruise with you. Excellent, excellent job!!! And thank you for going on such a great adventure with me. Love ya!

  2. I agree Jan. I studied and read about every picture and they were all just perfect. The telling of the tales and descriptions made them even more enjoyable. Very well done!

    Funny thing about that photo of Wind Star going thru the locks. It was only about 6:30AM here in Florida and pitch black outside. Still, there you were considerably West (I think) and sailing in broad daylight.

    I wasn’t sure I was seeing a current feed from the webcam but then I remembered the wintertime tilt of the earth. 😉

  3. I’m so glad you were able to get that screen capture Mike. When we came up the approach to the first lock it was before sunrise. By the time we got into the lock the sun was barely up but bright enough for the web cam to get a picture. I wish it was a higher resolution because the you could see me just to the left of the radome taking pictures of the lock gate closing.

    There was also a webcam at the Pacific side locks but I didn’t have good data on when we were going through them so couldn’t alert you to look then.

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