Wind Star 2007

Barbados and the Wind Star

This page created 12/18/07

Windstar This is our ship, The Wind Star as it passed our hotel on the way into port. It had been held up one day while in dry dock so we stayed an extra day on shore and skipped the scheduled stop in Tobago to make up for the delay.

Here is the originally planned route for our cruise but the delay meant we did not stop at Tobago as planned. The cruise line did quite well in making up for that inconvenience. Route Map
Resort Here is the resort where they put us up while we waited for the ship to arrive.

They also provided a four hour tour of Barbados before we went onboard ship. Here is one of the great beaches we saw. The surf was quite high and there were some surfers taking advantage of it. Beach
Sails Here is a shot looking straight up into the sails of the Wind Star as we departed Barbados. It's quite moving when they unfurl the sails accompanied by the theme from the movie 1492.

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