Wind Star 2007 (2)

Bequia, at sea and Isla de Margarita

This page created 12/18/07

Pool Deck This is the pool deck on the Wind Star. During the days at sea this was the center of activity. The pool is small, about the size of a medium sized living room but it provided a refreshing place for the sun bathers to cool off.

At Bequia we met up with the Wind Star's sister ship the Wind Surf. It carries over twice the number of passengers as the Wind Star. We had sailed on her back in March and after this cruise we decided we liked the smaller ship much better. Wind Surf
Sunset at Bequia We saw many beautiful sunsets on this cruise. This one was particularly memorable as is was the first we had seen while onboard.

Our next day was at sea so some of the galley crew put on demonstrations on deck. This was the expert in fancy fruit carving. They also showed artistic creations with marzipan and bread. Watermelon
Isla de Margareta - Market We docked at Isla de Margarita, Venezuela which is a rather large island with a population of over 200,000. We didn't venture into the main town but contented ourselves with wandering around the shops and stalls dockside. There was a large cruise ship in port at the same time so there were plenty of vendors stalls lining the dock with all sorts of wares.

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