Isle de Margarita

Today we pulled into the harbor around 8am at Isle de Margarita, 18 miles off the Venezuelian coast.  It’s actually quite a large island, 20 by 41 miles.  I had never heard of it before this cruise but there are probably plenty of places I don’t know exist.

For some reason Jan and I were late waking up this morning.  We have both been sleeping very well on this cruise, maybe due to staying up later than we usually do, maybe due to all the fresh air or maybe the very comfortable bed in our cabin.  Anyway, we just barely made it to breakfast on time and were a little late catching the tender over to the dock.

One of the HUGE Princes Cruise ships was in the port at the same time so there were people all over the place.  As a consequence most of the little stalls selling crafts and jewelry were open – I doubt they would have bothered if it was just for our little ship and its small number of passengers.  We wandered around for a while but didn’t buy anything except a beer at an outdoor bar by the beach.

The weather is hot and humid but with a little relief from clouds and a nice breeze.  There were even a few dark clouds that looked like rain but nothing materialized.

Tomorrow will be another day at sea, on our way to Bonaire on the 7th.  We are planning a snorkeling excursion while there and that is also our 33rd wedding aniversary.