At Sea

Today we will be at sea for the entire day. We are on our way to Isla De Margarita, Veneuzala but won’t arrive there until the morning of December 5th.

So far the ship has been very enjoyable, even though it is small. For example, the pool is smaller than our dining room at home. But the small size makes it quite easy to get around, unlike the large ship we were on before. The only negative is that shade is at a premium on the deck. The food has, so far, been wonderful with enough variety to satisfy a ‘picky eater’ like me.

The other passengers have been great and, because there aren’t so many, we are already getting to know a good number of them by face if not by name. There seems to be a good mixture of ages and backgrounds on board although none that are very young. Not a lot of wild nightlife on board either. Jan and I seem to be the closest thing to ‘party animals’ among the passengers and that’s only becaues we like to stay up late by the pool bar, looking at the clear, un-light-polluted sky.