7 comments on “Lunar Eclipse 08/28/07

  1. From what I heard earlier today, we are lucky to have seen the eclipse because many people did not due to lights, etc. The sight made getting up at 4:00 AM worthwhile. This is a great picture…way to go!

  2. Tom, I’ll echo the comments that yes, it’s a grand picture. Good Work!

    I was lying awake in bed at about eclipse-time and from all area reports it was visible even here in the city.

    Unfortunately, I just couldn’t drag myself out of bed and into the Florida pre-dawn to check it out.

  3. Just been very busy, Alice. No real problems except too much to do. I’ll be posting about the activities in a while (Real Soon Now).

    I also still need to get the Alaska stuff finished. Keep bugging me.

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