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  1. WOW, hon, your picture of Mt. McKinley really looks great! For any readers of this blog considering going to Alaska, Denali is definitely a MUST with taking in the wilderness tour like we did but stay overnight at Kantishna and come out the next afternoon…the place had great hiking, biking, fishing, and general relaxation. A way to get away from the absolute ZOO of the town by the Denali Park entrance…it was much worse than West Yellowstone at its busiest.

  2. I finally took some time to just sit and enjoy your blog from the Alaska trip. I am sure that the two of you enjoyed yourselves immensely. It was really great of you to take the time to share the sights and the commentary with all of us. I have always thought that it would be an interesting adventure but Leo seems to think the cold temperatures would be a little prohibitive for him. After looking at your photos, it really doesn’t seem that the climate at this time of year is as everyone expects Alaska to be. (Maybe you could do a little convincing, for me!) 🙂 If I ever get him convinced, we will have to get in touch for a little(lot) of travel advice!

  3. Brenda (posting as Leo), the weather was beautiful nearly every day. We had a couple of rainy, overcast days but, even up above the Arctic Circle, it was never all that cold. Don’t miss Alaska for fear of the weather. Anyone who likes natural beauty should go there at least once.

    I promise I’ll get back to posting about the rest of the trip soon. I have been rather busy with Other Stuff ™

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