6 comments on “In Deadhorse

  1. Absolutely fascinating story and pictures Tom. Many thanks for sharing them !
    I hope there will still be ice to see in a few years from now……

  2. This has been a wonderfully well documented and photographed trip thus far Tom!

    I’ve read every word with interest and enjoyed seeing all the photos!

    Keep ’em coming my friend!

  3. Hon, you forgot to mention that there was a “heat wave” going on…the day we landed, it was 45 with high winds…a little higher in temperature than normal. And, yes, having our own bathroom was a big + since we thought we would either have to share with a whole floor or use an outhouse (not uncommon for Alaska). I have to admit that Prudhoe Bay was not what I thought it would be like…guess I thought there might of been at least one tree somewhere but not. Sure glad we went though…great experience!

  4. The story and the pictures were awesome. What a thrill to be there! The “hotel” was something else. I loved the pink flamingo!

  5. I am enjoying the story of your trip. Looks like a lot of fun. Did anyone go swimming in the nice, warm arctic ocean? Oh wait, you mean 34 F…

    Is it possible to set up your RSS feed to include the entire blog entry instead of just the first part?

  6. Allanimal – It turns out that if I split the post (to make it more dial-up friendly), then the RSS feed gets cut off at that point. Don’t think I can change that without really digging into the guts of the code.

    I’ll change the temperature to avoid ambiguity. 😉

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