Birthday Loot

Yesterday was my birthday. I am now 1000000 years old (in binary), that’s an even 100 years in octal, 64 years in plain old decimal and only 40 years in hexadecimal. Regardless of the number system used, it was a fine birthday and I now have many new toys to play with. So here, in the order I opened them, is a tally of the loot.

Click to enlargeA neat little ornament for out by our pond. This little dragon will really look cool out there. It was from good friends Janet and Bruce. Thanks guys!

Click to enlargeNext was something rather geeky but something I really wanted. Luckily, Jan doesn’t mind buying me geeky gifts. It’s a small equatorial mount and tripod that will allow me to take better astronomical photographs. It has a clock drive to allow longer exposures. In the picture I have my Nikon D80 on the mount.

Click to enlargeThe next package opened was from son Steev. He got me this really cool T-shirt, one that I had seen on-line and been coveting for a while.

Click to enlargeSon Allan and daughter-in-law Jeannette, who live in Germany, sent me this really great Easter basket filled with European dark chocolate – YUM! I’m trying to make it last rather than gobble it down in one day as is my inclination!

Click to enlargeThe final gift was another from Jan. She really went overboard on me this year. It was a new lens for my camera. Not just any lens either. It’s the Nikkor VR 70-300mm zoom lens. This will be great for wildlife photography and also for candid shots. I’ve already taken some pretty neat (IMHO) pictures with it so expect a post about them soon.

I hope this doesn’t sound too much like bragging. It was such a great birthday that I can’t help talking about it. Everyone should be so lucky.

5 comments on “Birthday Loot

  1. And you forgot to mention that we fixed your favorite meal of roast beef and dumplings…life’s pretty good when you reach 64, huh?? Just ask Sir Paul!!

  2. Happy Birthday! I am glad it was a good one! Sounds like you got things you wanted and what could be better, except for the snow to stop. LOL

  3. *droool* that lens looks awesome, and not as massive as I would have thought. The shirt and the tripod & mount and the dragon/nessie and the chocolate are also great. Man, you are one lucky dude. I hope my 64th is half as good.

  4. You are blessed Tom 🙂 Posts like that make me really happy, right down to the roast beef and dumplings.

    Belated Happy Birthday!

  5. Quite the haul Tom!

    Of course, when Jan said “yes,” you got the greatest gift of all, as is evidenced in all the wonderful things she showered on you in love.

    Wow. I like all of your new toys. Good show!