April Showers?

I don’t want this blog to deteriorate into just bitching about the weather but things are getting ridiculous! Here it is, the day before my birthday, and what are we getting? Snow, sleet, ice and wind! This hasn’t happened since 1973! Look at this. Notice the nice green grass under the trees. Hope the plants still are able to bloom.

The power has been flickering occasionally but so far it has stayed up. Below is a picture of the ice on a guy wire of my ham radio antenna tower. Overall the ice is about 3/4 inch in diameter. So far, no problem but I wouldn’t want to be walking under it when the ice starts dropping off!

I promise I’ll post something positive once good weather finally arrives.

4 comments on “April Showers?

  1. Maybe by this week end you will be able to post again; not sure if we are going to get much sun but at least the temperature is going to get into the 50’s. Wonder how bad this would of been if you would of gotten the Miata out of storage as we talked about a few weeks ago???

  2. Sorry to hear! We had absolutely gorgeous weather in paris over Easter weekend, we even got very pink and near sunburnt before we could find sunscreen at a store (so many things closed for the holiday). We saw on the news that there were piles of snow in the US. Hope spring comes for real soon!

  3. That was quite the dissapointment Tom. We had some of that here in Arkansas, but not quite as bad. Still, the hard freeze took out some of the early blooming plants.

    The Gold Wing is tucked away in it’s warm house, but not without needing a good clean up!

  4. The picture is pretty even though I know you do not like the idea of snow still.
    We woke Easter morning to 42 degrees here in Sarasota brrrrr. The day did turn out nice but it never got to swimming weather! Have you ever seen the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” ? It is a warning!