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Click to enlargeIn the previous post I mentioned that we had to leave early to avoid the bad weather that almost kept us from the cruise. The picture to the left was scanned from our local newspaper (click on it for a larger image) and shows what we missed. Though not a high quality iamge, you can see the row of downed power poles that the ice overloaded.

Before this storm actually hit we were able to change ourClick to enlarge travel plans to get us safely to Miami on Friday. After a night there, we resumed our original schedule. Got to Barbados late Saturday and, as we could not board the ship until Sunday, spent the night in a very nice hotel. It was probably too fancy for just an overnight stop.

Finally got on-board around noon on Sunday and settled into our cabin. The accommodations were excellent. The best we’ve ever had on a ship. Here are a few pictures of our stateroom.

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We had a great time that afternoon and evening exploring the ship and meeting up with some friends who were also on the cruise. The ship was supposed to sail at midnight and we wanted to stay up for that. Unfortunately we wilted fairly early and only vaguely felt the ship move when it pulled away from the dock.

In the next post I’ll cover our visit to the island of Bequia.

4 comments on “Travel / Ship

  1. It would of been nice to have more time at the resort in Barbados so we need to keep that in mind when we go on the next cruise…if we do.

  2. The room on the ship looks plenty roomy! I am glad that you missed all that snow! That does not look like fun even for me, a person who misses the snow!