3 comments on “We’re Home

  1. What a great vacation! Wasn’t it nice to be so pampered? Although I still feel like I am moving to the waves as I type this…wonder how I would feel if we did one of the 14-day cruises? Probably would move around for over a week swaying like a drunk.

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL Ship and Wonderful sounding vacation! Brenda and I were looking at that same cruise last evening! We’ll be looking very forward to your future posts on it!

    Excellent Photo too!

  3. That looks and sounds wonderful I have never been on a cruise. Oh I did go on a half day cruise. It was more than half day and was nice. It was for gambling but I don’t gamble so I sat by the pool and wandered around the ship and took a tour with some other people. It was a very nice day and the food yummy. This was back in the late 80s.
    I am glad you all had such a great trip and will be happy to see the pictures.

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