We’re Home

Windsurf 1Part of my long absence here was due to our vacation in the Caribbean. We left on Friday, Feb 23 – just ahead of the huge winter storm that hit our area that evening. Now we are home again with the ice and snow 🙁 , but we did get away for a wonderful, warm, sunny and relaxed week.

Above is a picture of our ship, The Wind Surf, taken from the beach at the small island of Mayreau. It was tiny as cruise ships go, only approximately 300 passengers and nearly 200 crew. Anyone who doesn’t like the huge ships with thousands of passengers might consider trying the WindStar cruise line.

Right now we are still unpacking, getting the photos organized, and trying to get back to our normal routine. In the next few days I’ll post more about what we did and saw on this trip.

3 comments on “We’re Home

  1. What a great vacation! Wasn’t it nice to be so pampered? Although I still feel like I am moving to the waves as I type this…wonder how I would feel if we did one of the 14-day cruises? Probably would move around for over a week swaying like a drunk.

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL Ship and Wonderful sounding vacation! Brenda and I were looking at that same cruise last evening! We’ll be looking very forward to your future posts on it!

    Excellent Photo too!

  3. That looks and sounds wonderful I have never been on a cruise. Oh I did go on a half day cruise. It was more than half day and was nice. It was for gambling but I don’t gamble so I sat by the pool and wandered around the ship and took a tour with some other people. It was a very nice day and the food yummy. This was back in the late 80s.
    I am glad you all had such a great trip and will be happy to see the pictures.