New Truck

When I retired in 1998 I bought a new Nissan pickup truck.  It’s been a faithful machine and done a lot of jobs for both Jan and myself.  But 12 years is a long time for a truck that is subject to Iowa winters with road salt and grime not to mention the wear and tear that comes from living on a gravel road.

So, we decided to replace the old truck, but it had served us so well that we decided to get something as close to it as possible.  It turns out that, like many things, motor vehicles are subject to “creeping elegance.”   Larger engines, more bells and whistles and overall gentrification.  What we finally settled on was another Nissan Frontier king cab 4×4 with manual transmission (I don’t drive automatic transmissions, but that is another post.)

The differences between the old and the new were fairly significant.  The new has a 6cyl engine while the old one was a 4 and as a consequence the gas mileage will be slightly lower.  The old one had a 5-speed transmission while the new one is a 6-speed.  The old one had manual hubs while the new has automatic hubs.  Overall the new truck is a little bigger and a little roomier that the old.

Below is the old truck:

While here is the new one:

Not that big of a difference from the outside, other than lacking the decals (which I never liked).  Inside there are more changes.  One of them that will cause me a little extra work is that there are fewer good places to mount my radios in the new truck.  I think I have that figured out but, until I actually do it, I am not certain.

I’ll add a follow-up when I’ve installed the radios and gotten a little more used to the new truck.

2 comments on “New Truck

  1. Ooooooo! What a nice post, well written and informative!

    I guess the gentrification will please you overall just as soon as you figure out how to mount your radios.

    I went online and did the whole 9-yard 360° tour or your new steed both inside and out. I could almost smell it.

    With no more driver’s license and only a couple showroom-new vehicles in my past, looking at those pictures sure made me homesick for both driving, and something new to drive.

    Congratulations, Tom! Enjoy your new ride!

  2. Thanks Mike. I just wish that the manufacturers didn’t have to keep adding stuff to a design that was just fine to begin with.

    I’m getting used to the new truck but still wish the would offer a “Have it your way” option. Of course they cant have a thousand variations but still, I wish there was a little more leeway for the buyer.