Police Reports

I have a friend who lives in Bozeman Montana and every once in a while she sends me clippings from the Police Reports section of their local paper, The Bozeman Daily Chronicle.  Why, you ask?  Well these reports can be strangely unusual, hilariously funny or just plain offbeat.  Who ever selects and writes these items has to have a lot of fun doing it.

Here is a typical selection of items from the latest batch my friend sent.  There are also some annotations by her which may or may not be legible in the scan.  You’ll need to click on the image to get an readable enlarged version. Enjoy.

2 comments on “Police Reports

  1. I got a big laugh about the one where the turkey was spotted on the road and the later post which stated the turkey was still on the road playing chicken with the traffic. Isn’t it great we have a friend who thinks to send us these every so often? Certainly provides a diversion from the normal day to day activities!

  2. Tom, these were all great! I laughed and laughed.

    I liked the man standing in the flower bed one. Actually, they were all good!