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  1. And people wonder why this nation is going down the tubes…doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure the WHY out!

  2. Yes Mr. Hise! You are sounding more like Daniel Schorr every day and I, too, have been following each of these news stories with a similar take on each of them.

    I think we both grew-up in what may be viewed as that wonderfully innocent age in which America was in its most respectable stride give-or-take Viet Nam and a few other things.

    There’s always been greed but somehow it seems to have gone somehow mad.

  3. Interesting take on all these things. yes, in a way, about the people not doing their jobs. But, also, look at the system that encourages people to not do their jobs properly… i’m especially upset about the oil spill, and the engineers and rig roustabouts were in a position to screw it up because of 2 things: 1) the corruption by Big Oil of the govt environmental regulations that should protect us from these kind of disasters (all the way up to the top – Obama should have NEVER selected Salazar to be sec of Interior), and 2) the dwindling supplies of oil worldwide that motivate these companies to go for this extremely hard-to-get oil, resulting in extremely thin profit margins that motivate them to cut whatever corners they possibly can. We need to ALL wean ourselves off of oil and change the way we live so that these huge powerful corporations don’t keep taking these insane risks so that we can keep driving to wal-mart…

    And also we need to have better IED courses in those Madrasahs!! damn, what incompetent bomb-building! heh…

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