Morning Visitors

We got up to a rather dull, overcast morning today but had an interesting sight in the yard to brighten things a little. Here is one of several pictures I took.


The youngster seems to be determined to stay ahead of Mom! I find it amazing that these animals know hunting season is over. We saw none of them in-season.

3 comments on “Morning Visitors

  1. Great Photo Tom! It is amazing the way they know about that. It’s also interesting to see how different they look in your area. Ours are now dark Brown with Black!

  2. This is a great photo! And I’m so glad that our friend, George, was able to see them…considering all the years we have lived here and the number of visits George & Joyce have made, this is the first time he has seen deer from our house…isn’t that amazing???

  3. Nice picture. My sister lives in Clarkston, MI and she has deer around her place. She has 8 acres and sets food out for the “critters” and her husband has built little shelters. They have raccoons and deer and a few others.