4 comments on “Las Palmas

  1. Two nights without raising the sails…definitely unusual (and disappointing) for us since all the other cruises we have been on raised their sails each time they left port. Certainly says something about the weather and winds on this cruise!

  2. Happy you’re back home safely, and again I enjoyed your little diary!

    Too bad about the sails but good thing the vessel had some sort of motor!

    Wonderful pictures. Bet I’d have loved that Honey Rum!

  3. Pretty pictures! Looks like a good time to be there, too – people but not huge crowds. Or are you just that good at chasing people out of your photos?

  4. Jeannette, the crowds were not bad in most places. Morocco was busier, particularly in the souks and Lisbon was busy in places. As far as chasing people out of photos, I just try to be patient. There is a thing online called Tourist Remover that allows you to take multiple shots and eliminate the things not in all the photos.

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