Las Palmas

Click to enlargeWe arrived at Las Palmas on Gran Canaria Island  at 8am the next morning  Las Palmas is the capital of the Canary Islands (alternating with Santa Cruz.)

We had an early breakfast as we were scheduled for a “Panoramic Tour” of the island starting at 8:30.  That tour took us on  some of the narrowest, steepest and most twisty roads I have ever seen.  Click to enlargeThe bus took us up to a point overlooking the “Crater of Bandam”, a volcanic caldera that was left from an eruption 5000 years ago.

Then we visited a town called Teror – the guide had to tell us how the people living there were known as Click to enlarge“Terorists.”   It was Sunday so they were performing mass in Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pino. Because of that we only saw it from the outside.  At the same time there was the weekly market going on in the streets around the Basilica.  We wandered around there seeing everything for sale from cotton candy and roast chestnuts  to Click to enlargeclothing and jewelry. We also sampled a local product – Honey Rum.  Quite good though  very sweet – a small amount was enough.

Next we went on to Arucas which is in an area of banana farms and famous for Click to enlargeThe Church of San Juan Bautista.  An impressive structure built from local stone with many intricate carvings.  Construction was begun in 1909 and only finished recently.  Again, mass was being conducted so we did not go inside.

Finally we returned to Las Palmas but before going to the ship we stopped by the marina to see the start of a huge yacht race.  This race starts in Las Palmas and ends up at St. Lucia in Click to enlargethe Caribbean.  We were told that there were 250 boats starting out that day (11/22) and that they would cover the 2700 nautical miles in about 3 weeks.

We returned to the ship just in time for a late lunch and spent the remainder of the day lounging by the pool and getting to know more of our fellow passengers.  We sailed for Lanzarote at 7pm and once again, because of weather conditions, they did not raise the sails. 🙁

4 comments on “Las Palmas

  1. Two nights without raising the sails…definitely unusual (and disappointing) for us since all the other cruises we have been on raised their sails each time they left port. Certainly says something about the weather and winds on this cruise!

  2. Happy you’re back home safely, and again I enjoyed your little diary!

    Too bad about the sails but good thing the vessel had some sort of motor!

    Wonderful pictures. Bet I’d have loved that Honey Rum!

  3. Pretty pictures! Looks like a good time to be there, too – people but not huge crowds. Or are you just that good at chasing people out of your photos?

  4. Jeannette, the crowds were not bad in most places. Morocco was busier, particularly in the souks and Lisbon was busy in places. As far as chasing people out of photos, I just try to be patient. There is a thing online called Tourist Remover that allows you to take multiple shots and eliminate the things not in all the photos.