4 comments on “Ham Radio Activities

  1. It is so good to hear the static and other radio sounds…so good you are now back ON the radio…something that you have always enjoyed.

  2. WOW! That’s one impressive map, Tom! Don’t think I’ve known anyone with your level of accomplishment on a personal level before.

    Your explanation of DX and the certificate is perfect. Well done!

  3. Thanks Mike
    I am small potatoes compared to many others. But I am sticking with the game and will have a few more every year.

    I like the map because it shows so much of how amateur radio can get around tje world. An it isn’t goverment/corporate/commercial but just people talking to people.

  4. And should the Internet take a total crap, should the cellphones just fail to connect, should the world’s landlines get tangled and downed, and blown…

    Amateur Radio will still be there.

    How few really appreciate that…

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