We has a rather severe thunderstorm on Friday morning.  Lightning, lots of rain and high winds – and we were just on the edge of the storm.  After the storm we discovered our apple tree had been uprooted.  The combination of wind and saturated soil were responsible, plus the tree was getting quite old.  No other damage found other than small limbs from other trees being broken off.

At least apple is pretty decent for firewood…

2 comments on “Storm

  1. I was very SAD to see this happen; that tree produced many, many red delicious apples…I am going to miss it!

  2. It’s always so sad to lose a tree. Not only is the shade lost, but the whole face of the landscape changes; that it was a fruit-bearing apple makes it a loss with a new dimension.

    Good Tom seemed to “root” out the cause of the tree falling over, as well as finding a bit of silver lining in the death of the apple.

    Nasty subject but a nice photo. Thanks for sharing your little side-yard tragedy. Yes, you will both miss it.