Medical Update

Sorry this is late but real life gets in the way.

I had my third chemo treatment on Monday.  Nothing unusual happened but since some readers may be curious, I thought I’d add a brief post.

The process  of these chemo treatments is rather interesting.  They take place in a large room with  20 or more chairs for patients.  A number of nurses scurry around attending to several  patients each.  People sit there while the medication slowly drips into their veins, or some just get a single injection.  While waiting, snacks and various drinks (no alcohol 🙁 ) are available.  I usually listen to podcasts on my iPod.

My treatments are about  two hours long, others people’s can be three or more.  I get three different chemo drugs plus an anti-nausea drug and saline drip.  All-in-all it’s a rather dull, uninteresting process but I am fascinated by the range of people who are all there for the same reason.  It is surprising that, with all these people suffering from cancer, they are, with few exceptions, all cheerful and smiling.  I think it is because we feel we are actually doing something to help in our cure.  Plus a positive attitude has been shown to increase the chances of a cure.

My next treatment will be  two weeks after this one.

3 comments on “Medical Update

  1. Another reason I think we see so many of the people smiling and cheerful is because of the attitude of the staff at Iowa Blood and Cancer Center. What a terrific group!!! They are always laughing, joking, and smiling among the masses. Now, be honest, you don’t mind the treatments because it means you get a delicious fudge bar while the nurse pumps the drug into you; I’m not sure what you like better…the fudge bar or the pretty nurse holding your hand!

  2. Thank GOD for nurses! Although I have so far escaped chemo, I have had my frequent visits to the VA clinic & hospital made almost enjoyable by the attention, smiles, and happy attitudes of the nursing staff—many of whom I’d like to take home with me!

    But the love and attention at home surely eclipses those hours, I’m sure!

    Onward my friends, and thanks for the colorful observations, Tom!

  3. Thank you for the detail in your visits Tom. It is awful that diseases such as yours seem only to strike the best people. There is too much left out there not to keep a good attitude isn’t there. 😉