Fall Critters

It’s been an interesting late summer and fall in terms of critters around the house. Along with some old favorites, there were a number of unusual ones that showed themselves, probably due to this years odd weather.

(As always, click on the thumbnail to see a larger image.)

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

This Eastern Tiger Swallowtail is a common butterfly around here but I’ve always loved their bright colors.

This is a Maple Spanworm Moth. They were very plentiful for a few days and loved to congregate on the siding of our house.

This Angular-winged Katydid was very comfortable posing on the arm of one of our deck chairs.

One cool and damp morning Jan spotted and photographed this salamander in the leaf litter and stones along our fence. I hadn’t seen one of these around here before and was surprised it was so out in the open.

A Preying Mantis (actually a Chinese Mantid) showed itself to Jan who took this nice picture. He hung around for a couple of days and now has vanished.

3 comments on “Fall Critters

  1. Yes both Jan & Tom, great pictures and great identification. In my lifetime, I have seen precious few salamanders. Neat post. Enjoyed it.

  2. Your last four posts were totally awesome Tom! Also I really appreciated the descriptions of what you saw in the insect world.

    I must admit though, I was ++TOTALLY++ awed at the Aircraft museum! That alone would more than justify another trip out there!

    Greatly enjoyed all of them!