Almost Home

We are finally staying in a place where I can get on-line and report on our trip. In short, it has been a super vacation. We’ve taken about 17 GB of photos and will be sorting them out once we get home. That may turn into a long job.

Since my last note from Fairbanks we’ve been to Prudhoe Bay, Coldfoot, Fairbanks (again) Denalli, Talkeetna, Seward, Homer and now are back in Anchorage. I can’t begin to describe everything we have seen but I will do day-by-day entries after we get home and back to what passes for normal with us.

As a little preview, here is a picture of me and Jan, standing on the shore of The Arctic Ocean.Arctic

2 comments on “Almost Home

  1. You amaze me. And after all those years behind desks, you and Jan deserve all the travel you can stomach.

    And Alaska seems a good place to see in the summer months.

    You two look healthy and happy! YAY!

  2. We are home…and this has had to been the most fantastic vacation we have taken in years!! Tom is going to post entries from all our adventures, by day, once he is settled in. There was not a bad spot on the whole trip except our delay in Seattle to Bellingham but, hey, that was so long ago who remembers? The sun was shining, the landscape absolutely beautiful, the people friendly, and my husband a great 24/7 companion for 3.5 weeks. Think Tom is trying to wad through our 2000+ pictures we took but hopes to put a blog post on tomorrow.