Podcast redux

Here is an up-to-date list of the podcasts I subscribe too. I enjoy them all and thought readers here might also find some of them interesting. Links are to the podcasts home pages but all can also be found (free) on iTunes.

StarStuff – Astronomy and space science. Weekly from Australia

Astronomy A Go-Go A weekly astronomy podcast for everyone. Emphasis on observing.

Astronomy Cast A weekly fact based journey through the cosmos. Can be a bit technical at times.

Cranky Geeks A weekly panel discussion of current technology news and developments. Host John C. Dvorak. Sometimes humorous, sometimes controversial.

Daily GizWiz Mad magazine writer, Dick DeBartolo, digs into his massive gadget collection. Daily Mon.-Fri.

FLOSS Weekly All about Free Libre Open Source Software. Supposedly weekly but erratic.

net@nite What’s happening on the ‘net right now? Host Amber MacArthur with Leo Laporte. Weekly.

Planetary Radio Weekly on space science and astronomy.

Security Now
Host Steve Gibson with Leo Laporte. Weekly discussion of computer security.

SolderSmoke Weekly discussion by amateur radio experimenters. Emphasis on DIY construction projects.

StarDate Daily, 2 minute, summary what to look for in the night sky.

The WordPress Podcast Weekly audio forum for news, tips and commentary on WordPress (the program that powers this blog.)

This Week In Tech Leo Laporte and others discuss the week’s tech news.

What’s New Now Weekly (in theory) discussion of technology news and events wit host Jim Louderback and guests .

3 comments on “Podcast redux

  1. Gosh…I knew you sat in front of your computer while listening to stuff but, after seeing this long list, I now understand why you spend the amount of time you do “in your room”!

  2. Yes my son liked a lot of them. He has always been into watching the stars. I haven’t shown them to my brother but I think he will enjoy them.