Tobago, with a population of 45,000, is part of the nation of Trinidad & Tobago. Our ship anchored in Man-O-War bay near the fishing village of Charlotteville at 8:00am. We went ashore around 8:25am for our days excursion. This day we were off on a glass bottom boat and snorkeling trip. Because of being on a small boat I decided not to carry my bigger camera. All of these pictures were taken by Jan with her Canon S400.

Click to enlargeThe glass bottom boats left from a small harbor on the Atlantic side of the island, at a charming little resort called The Blue Waters Inn. It looked like the kind of place to go to relax completely.

Click to enlargeSnorkeling here was great. The reef had a great variety of fish and I could only identify a few of them. Wish I had had an underwater housing for the camera. The picture on the right shows me getting my gear on.

Click to enlargeAnd here is a shot showing my bald spot in all it’s glory. I paddled around between the two boats until I was getting exhausted. I really enjoy snorkeling in these warm, clear waters.

After a while we returned to shore and had the traditional rum punch that seemed to conclude every excursion we went on.

Click to enlargeThis was, effectively, the last day of our cruise. But we still had a little time to celebrate that evening. To top it all off we were treated to a total eclipse of the moon shortly after sundown. Here we are toasting the end of a great cruise. Left to right, George Sheldon, Jan, me, and Joyce Sheldon.

It had to be an early night as we had packing to do to be ready to depart the ship at Barbados in the morning. In order to have time for breakfast, get through immigrations and customs, and get to the airport for an 8:30am flight; we needed a 4:30 am wake-up call. Talk about a sudden return to reality!

4 comments on “Tobago

  1. The Blue Waters Inn is a place we definitely need to keep in mind if we ever want to go somewhere totally secluded in what appeared to be a very relaxing atmosphere!

  2. Looks and sounds beautiful! Things you mentioned throughout your trip reminded me of parts of Turkey I visited (warm seas, staying in houses carved into or built out of the rock, etc). I am ready for a nice relaxing vacation!

  3. I am ready for a nice relaxing vacation!

    Take a look at the Blue Waters Inn link I included. Seems to be a great place to relax.