Tucson Spring Trip, Part 2

After eating a breakfast prepared by Steev but included Greta’s fabulous scones,  we packed up the car and headed to Bisbee.  On the way, we stopped at Tombstone which is an old mining camp that has  preserved many of the original 1880’s buildings .  It definitely had tourist overload; we lasted for about 40 minutes.

We arrived in Bisbee  in time for lunch.  We walked around Bisbee with Greta’s good friend, Peter, an artist who has been a resident of the town for over 37 years; he served as tour guide and gave us much insight as to the history of the town/area.  Peter also provided a tour of the local radio station where he has a program every week. Tom and I stayed at the historic Copper Queen Hotel where our room has been known to be visited by the ghost of a young boy who drowned in the San Pedro River; it’s believed that his spirit found its way to the hotel because a relative was employed there at the time.  After we settled in, we met up with everyone and went to the Screaming Banshee for pizza .  This was an old gas station that was turned into a very successful pizza business.