Pigeon Island, Saint Lucia

Click to enlargeWednesday was the first morning when we could sleep in since we had no formal tours scheduled. The ship anchored off the Pigeon Island National Park. which has been a pirate’s lair, fort, quarantine station, whaling station and US Navy station. Even though it’s called Pigeon Island it is actually connected to the main island via an artificial causeway. In the picture at the left you can just see the fort on the farthest peak

Click to enlargeWe took the tender to shore around 10:30am and started exploring the park. It turned out to be quite a climb up to the old fort but it was worth it for the view. It was easy to see why Fort Rodney was built on this high point.

Click to enlargeIt seems that the movie Pirates of the Caribbean has had quite an impact on tourism. On two different islands we saw ships riged up as pirate vessels, flying the Jolly Roger, firing mock cannons and taking tourists for day excursions.

Click to enlargeI was completely lost trying to identify the flora and fauna here (and on other islands). I finally did get a photo of this indigenous humming bird. You can see and hear them zooming by at high speed but it took a long time sitting quietly before I could get a photograph of one.

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